Renting out my location — what does that entail?

We define locations as any space that can be used for film or photo shoots, be they residential, commercial or any other place indoors or outdoors.

Property managers (“hosts” or also “location providers”) are natural or legal persons who can rent out a location for the purpose of photographic or film work. If you would like to offer your location to our members, use this form to register.

As considerable fees are paid for the use of your location, it makes rental an attractive option. However, you should also be aware that film or photo shoots can involve considerable effort and restrictions on your part.

Looking to rent out your location for film or photo shoots?

Present your location to our members here.

8–15 photos of your location are sufficient for a first impression. Please do not send detailed shots but images that give a good overview of the location.

Make sure to fill out the form in its entirety and then click “submit”. An email will be generated from your form and photos, which will then be sent to all BVL location scouts. Any members interested in your location will then contact you directly. The BVL does not manage its own location database.

Before you offer your location, we recommend you to read our Fact sheet for property managers (PDF in German) with detailed information.

What happens next?

A professional approach makes all the difference.

Regardless of whether a location scout or a media production company has contacted you, you should always enter into a property rental agreement. BVL provides you with both a sample property contract in German (as a PDF or as a Word document) and a reference guide (PDF) for this purpose (in German only), which explains the key points you should consider when negotiating a property contract.

If your property is booked through a location scout, you will have a constant contact person before, during and after the production for all matters related to the production.

Find more detailed information on the process of a location rental in our Fact sheet for property managers (PDF, German) .