Founded in 2010, BVL is the professional guild of location scouts for feature films, television productions, as well as photo and advertising productions.

Representing the interests of location scouts in the media industry and in public and political spheres, BVL informs the industry, property managers and the press about location scout concerns. Furthermore, the BVL serves as a platform of exchange and support among members and organizes regular conferences, member events and training courses.

The guild campaigns for the profession of location scouting to be recognized as an artistic profession. The objective being that location scouts should not have to pay trade tax and contributions to the IHK (The German Chamber of Commerce) and that it becomes standard practice for scouts who are primarily engaged in artistic work to become members of the artists’ social insurance fund (Künstlersozialkasse).

In the interests of its members, BVL works closely with film funding agencies and film commissions, along with other professional associations and industry initiatives.